My first post!

Well here goes…my daughter has been telling me to start a blog for a long time and here we finally are. To kick things off, I thought I would tell you a little more about myself. Below are some questions my daughter asked me about cooking recently and my responses.

How did you begin cooking?

How and when I began cooking is a difficult question since I always remember being in the kitchen with my mother and sisters. My mother was an amazing cook and always had us under foot. If she was making a pasta dough or bread dough we were always given a piece of dough to work with. When we were old enough to be by the stove she had us breading and frying eggplant or preparing a roasted chicken. I remember enjoying putting together the antipasto because you could be artistic with the plating.

What is your favorite thing about cooking?

I enjoy cooking because I feel creative when I cook. Of course, it is always rewarding when it is appreciated but for me I get more joy out of the process.

Do you have a favorite cooking memory? If so, what is it?

I have so many fond memories of cooking with my mom but the holiday specialties were always a bit more exciting!

I also have a lot of great memories of cooking with my children when they were younger. These fun memories usually involved dough–either for cookies or pizza. This was always fun and extremely messy! Patience on my end was certainly involved.

What are your favorite things to cook?

I suppose my favorite things to cook are the foods that I grew up with, my mom’s recipes. There is a certain comfort in knowing your ingredients and the flavor you are going for

What would be your advice to people who are not confident about cooking at home?

When I hear someone say they can’t cook, I really think what they are saying is they are not comfortable and so don’t have the interest to try. With all of the cookbooks, cooking sites, and TV shows, anyone can make a meal for themselves. The best way to start is to make a simple dish that you are familiar with what it should taste like. There is no wrong way to cook what you like. Just gather the ingredients and begin… Of course, I understand that not everyone enjoys cooking as much as I do, so don’t stress. The grocery stores have food that is chopped, seasoned, etc and ready to just throw in a pan. But I would encourage everyone to at least try it!

I look forward to hopefully inspiring and helping you along the way!


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