Leftover Chili and Cornbread Bake

Considering Cinco de Mayo just passed and it is still a bit chilly (no pun intended) here in NJ, I thought this recipe would be fitting! This one is incredibly easy since chili is already really flavorful and really good as leftovers as is. But sometimes you want to change it up so here is an idea for that. I use a box of cornbread mix and use those directions for this recipe, but if you would rather whip that up yourself, feel free! I just find that using the mix is so simple and tastes really good. Jiffy sells a really basic, cheap one that is good. But if you want to use non-GMO, organic mixes there are plenty of those as well. Arrowhead Mills, for example, sells one but I imagine if you walk down the organic aisles at your grocery store you will find some there as well.

Leftover Chili and Corn Bread Bake


  • Box of corn bread mix
  • Leftover chili
  • Grated cheddar cheese


  1. Preheat the over to 350°
  2. Use a box of corn bread and mix according to the directions but do not bake it
  3. Put leftover chili into a casserole dish and add a layer of grated cheddar cheese on top
  4. Top the chili and cheese with the cornbread mixture
  5. Bake according to the directions on the cornbread box

**Note: Depending on what was in your original chili, you may want to add in more beans, peppers, or other veggies to make it a bit thicker. Or leave it as is and it will still be good as long as it is not too soupy!


A note on my “recipes”
Sharing my ideas for what to do with leftovers is easy but explaining the actual recipe is a bit harder. What I mean is that I cannot give exact amounts to add because the leftover amount will always be a little different for everyone. So most of these recipes require an ‘eyeballing’ of amounts. This is also how I cook–I do not usually measure anything. What I make rarely requires exact amounts of ingredients. That is why I don’t bake often!



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