Advice: Cooking for a family

Recently one of my children was asking me what my advice would be on cooking for a whole family. I don’t have much to offer but I can offer what I experienced throughout all of my years as a mom that was the primary chef for the family. So here it is…

Cooking for my family was sometimes a challenge because I did not want them to get bored of eating the same things all the time. I was lucky because my husband was always willing to try anything that I made and my children were not finicky eaters. That made it easier to cook for them. I did try to involve the kids when I could to help me in the kitchen and as a result all of my children do seem to enjoy cooking. I love that they are not afraid to tackle a new recipe or adapt my recipes to their own liking. I think involving them in the process also made them more interested in eating different things. Certainly taking leftovers and making them into new dishes helped both with meal planning and keeping things exciting.

As I mentioned in my About Me post, I always loved having my kids help me whenever I was making any kind of dough especially (bread, pasta, cookie, etc). They always seemed to have fun helping and I cherish the memories of being with them in the kitchen. Though fair warning: it gets VERY MESSY! But for me, the mess was worth the memories. Here are some photos that I love from those times.


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